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The Seed of MG Studio

Nicole Grant

Hi, my name is Nicole Grant, CEO and founder of MG Studio.  I am a self-taught chemist who formulates and packages MG Studio haircare.  MG Studio came from a mixture of my personal experience as a child and an unpleasant hair salon experience where I saw signs of scalp, and hair complications caused by hair products containing silicones and copolymers.  As a cosmetologist of over 25 years, it became frustrating for me trying to find products that would help make my job easier by keeping the integrity of the hair and scalp consistent, so I  chose to create them myself.  I created MG Studio’s platform to show that healthy hair is part of having a healthy lifestyle.  We impact our community by providing products, services, and information on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle when it comes to hair and scalp. Today I have created over 20 different hair products for all hair types.  This growth has allowed me to reach more people in salons and their homes.  I continue to spread this lifestyle by allowing our products to spread all over to those who want to join the journey of a healthy hair lifestyle.

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Our vision is to not only sell hair care products as useable products, but also a high end gifts because all our products are gifts for your hair. 



We are passionate for quality hair care products. We believe shopping for hair care products should be fun and exciting. We offer a wide range of products for various hair types and categories. We offer the most unique hair care products in one page to help you to choose quality products for yourself and loved ones. 



We are committed to delivering lasting results with affordable, healthy solutions to enhance and preserve your hair. We are continuously researching new formulas to improve our existing line of products and to help create new ones that will better serve customers seeking quality solutions for healthier hair.

Strongly committed to the satisfaction and welfare of our customers, MG Studio takes great care to ensure that its products are harmless, non-toxic and eco friendly.



To make available any hair care products you desire. To remove the hassle of searching and choosing unique and quality hair care products for yourself and loved ones.



• Healthy hair.

• Manufacturing of safe  and non-toxic hair care products.

• Making both men and women  proud of their hair.



Leave in Conditioner

Goat Milk Hydrating Conditioner

Chia Seed Oil

Refulgence Shine Spray

MG Studio Polish Collection

Goat Milk Hydrating Shampoo

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