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A Specialist Guide to clean your hair brushes and Combs at home

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

A round brush, a thin brush, one thin comb and a spray bottle of MG Studio Leave-In Conditioner on a table.

I had a discussion with a client about clean brushes and Combs. She felt her brushes were safer than salon brushes and combs. It was a nice conversation. It made me wonder, then I had to ask, how often do you clean your hairbrushes and combs at home? If you have to think or calculate, then you are already overdue. This article will help clear some thoughts, myths, and truths about cleaning hairbrushes and combs.

#1 Removing the hair from your brushes and combs is considered having them clean.

- NO. Just because you removed the hair doesn’t mean it is


#2 No one else uses my combs and brushes except me, so it is safe.

- NO. I get it, we all thing we are fully clean and safe of our

own dirt and bacteria. Sorry to tell you we are not. if

your hair tools are dirty, you can put the dirt back

into your hair and scalp. Think about it...its kind of like

bathing, then putting on muddy clothes after a good


#3 Keeping my combs and brushes in my draw helps keep my combs and brushes clean.

- YES. Storing your combs and brushes in a draw or sealed

container helps reduce growing bacteria, along with

any debris in the air.

#4 Cleaning my brushes when I can remember is a good time to do it.

- NO. You want to clean your brushes and combs at least 2-4

weeks. Brushing your teeth when you can remember isn't

a good time either.

I know many feel having their brushes and combs keep them clean. As much as I love my things, having your own doesn’t mean they are clean. It does mean it is your own and anything goes wrong with it, you did it. Unless someone in your home has head lice, Ringworm, or a staph infection, sharing your brush and comb is safe. However, you still want to clean them and store them properly. Salons have to thoroughly clean our brushes and combs daily, soaking them in water and barbicide. At home, you do not have to clean yours that often, however, I do recommend you cleaning them every 2-4 weeks.

Cleaning your brushes and combs

1) You want to remove all hair from your brushes and combs. Using a retail, brush hair remover will help remove the hair from your brushes.

Side Note: If you do this step during every use, it will save

you so much time when it is time to

thoroughly clean.

2) There are two options in Cleaning your Brush & Comb, you can clean every 2 weeks or once a month. I highly recommend cleaning every 2 weeks, however on the 4th week I would do a deep cleaning. Heres how:

- Clean every 2 weeks:

Make a small bowl of warm water, a tablespoon of mild soap detergent, and a tablespoon of white vinegar. After removing the hair from your brush. Wet both comb and brush with warm water. Using a toothbrush, insert it into your bowl then clean your comb and brush with the toothbrush. Rinse well with cool water.

- Clean every 4 weeks:

Soak your brushes and combs for 10 minutes with hot water, a tablespoon of mild detergent soap, a tablespoon of white vinegar, and a tablespoon of baking soda. Using a toothbrush will help remove all dirt from your combs and brushes. Rinse well with cool water.

Please note: Although Vinegar and baking soda is natural and safe, adding them together will give a foam reaction.

3) Drying and storing your brush and comb

Towel drying your comb and brush with a clean towel is the best way to dry them. I don’t suggest for them to layout to dry. Dry them individually with a towel. If you choose to blow dry, dry with cool air only, to prevent burning and melting the bristles and teeth. Store them in a clean drawer or container. Make sure you store your brush and comb in a cool area to prevent bacteria.

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