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Fall & Winter Healthy Hair: 5 Tips To Get There

They say Summertime is the best time. For some things, and in some ways it is. From the warm sun, and sandy beaches, to surfing in the sea and a nice dip in the pool. Summertime is a great time for relaxation, but it is also a time that we begin to also relax on our hair and scalp. We think by taking a break from our curling irons and

Three young ladies with their backs facing embracing each other. One with straight long hair, one with an afro, and one with long wavy hair.

hot rollers, we transfer it to natural UV Rays from the sun, more outside hot mother nature and city street environmental elements, salty water, and chlorine. Did we mention sandy beaches!? I know, what you’re thinking, but I use great products to protect and prevent damage control. Don’t get me wrong, it is great to use and CONTINUE to use great products that will protect and prevent. Although Summertime may be the best time, Fall is the perfect time to refresh, repair, and reset our scalp and hair from any misleading damage control, keeping our hair and scalp healthy throughout the remaining year. Here are 5 tips to reset, repair and refresh your hair and to stay there.

1) Chia Seed Goat Milk Masque Treatment

Goat Milk tastes great to drink, but this particular goat milk is only made for your scalp and hair to drink. This is a potent jolting masque treatment for your hair. Made with natural strong ingredients that contain a high amount of vitamins A, E, and C along with Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc. This robust masque treatment alone will help fight off any dandruff, inflammation, and dryness, while vivifying the blood circulation, helping your hair to grow and shine. Feeding and recouping moisture back into your hair, it has natural sunscreen that will repair and prevent any sun damage that was caused during the summer. Most importantly it will unquestionably help inspire new hair cells. Chia Seed Goat Milk treatment is a healthy good meal for our hair. Allowing our hair and scalp to intake all the healthy goodness it needs and wasting out whatever it doesn’t need. It’s a perfect repair and reset! Create this masque by mixing 3 parts of MG Studio Goat Milk Conditioner and 1 part MG Studio Chia Seed Oil.

2) Rinse With Cool Water

Hopefully, you are NOT like me who loves hot jacuzzi water temperatures, on a good chilly day. At this moment in our hair and scalp life, we want to close, cool, and quiet down the cuticles on our hair and close down the pores on our scalp locking all the food goodness that we just fed into our hair.

Rinsing a client's hair at the shampoo bowl. One hand holding the nozzle while the other hand is holding a section of the hair, with an apple watch on her wrist..

As much as I love a toasty shampoo and conditioner rinse, hot water will make us feel good for a second, but harm us in the long run. Hot water will keep our pores and cuticles open dulling the shine of our hair and drying our scalp and hair. Rinsing our hair, especially after a conditioning treatment, with cool water is what our hair and scalp need.

3) MG Studio Leave-in Conditioner is better than your Best Friend

If you don’t do anything else above #3, DO #3!! You always want to use a leave-in conditioner after any shampoo and/or conditioning treatment. Leave-in Conditioners help harbors the hair cuticle. It’s also a safeguard from hot implements and the environment. We highly recommend the MG Studio Leave-in Conditioner. Not only does MG Studio Leave-In Conditioner is set for what any leave-in conditioner is supposed to do, but it is also the best detangling Conditioner. It immensely hydrates and fortifies the hair, giving it a silky smooth, yet very weightless. It’s a wonderful tool to combat anti-frizz and the dreadful fly-away. Leaving a beautiful shine to your hair.

4) Prevent Split Ends with MG Studio Chia Seed Oil

You may hear a lot of hairstylists tell you that you must seal your split ends. There are a lot of hair care products that will say they will seal your split ends. As a professional hairstylist, there are no products that will seal your split ends.

Client sitting in stylist chair while stylist twirling the copper orange, straight hair that was styled to beach wave curls in the hairstylist hand.

The only way to have sealed split ends is to cut your hair. Having a haircut and or ends trimmed as clients like to say, is the same thing as another blog. September through the beginning of October is the perfect time to have a haircut. The great part about this is it is also the perfect time for a new fall look. With your haircut, you want to rejuvenate and seal the deal with your ends by using MG Studio Chia Seed Oil. This natural oil is a blend of other natural healing oils made specifically for your scalp and hair. After blow drying your hair, but before curling with a hot tool, a small amount applied to the ends of your hair will help lock and prevent any future damage control between haircuts.

5) Nourish Inside & Out

A group of wooden spoons filled with herbs on a dark wooden table.

This is one of the most important parts of having healthy hair and scalp. You must take care of yourself on the inside. Having a balance and healthy nutrition. Eating healthy and exercising are key. Sometimes we need a little help due to our natural nutrient levels. Supplements for hair and scalp are an excellent way to help maintain a healthy scalp and hair growth. There are a lot of supplements to choose from. People may say you just need biotin supplements, any supplement for hair and scalp, or a supplement with vitamin E because this is what will help it grow. However, your body may not need vitamin E or Biotin, causing harm to your body. Your body maybe in need for a different nutrient or less of a particular nutrient. Before deciding what type of supplement is best for you, we highly recommend you have a consultation with both your licensed hairstylist and your nutritionist. Both specialists will be able to help suggest what supplement is best for you.

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