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Healthy Hair Resolutions For 2023

lady looking up at fire works at night with MG Studio logo.
Healthy Hair Resolutions 2023

Setting goals for your hair is just as important as having goals for everything else in your life. Fun fact: Setting hair goals is the #1 way to help maintain all the other goals in your life. We dedicate ourselves to wanting and looking healthy and beautiful. If your hair and scalp isn't together, mentally we don't feel or look fully complete. Having goals and a strong routine for having and creating healthy hair is the starting block. MG Studio is here to help you get you and your hair started on the right track of staying strong, having an abundance of hair growth, and having a healthy hair lifestyle. Here are 5 healthy hair resolutions you not only need to know, yet it is important to stop doing and correctly redirect yourself to a new beginning of a healthy hair journey for 2023!

Hair Resolution #1

We have heard in the past to pineapple bun or twisting our hair into a ponytail at night is a safe and good way to protect our hair. Well Lovely, let me tell you, putting our hair into a bun, ponytail, or a pineapple bun can actually cause more harm than good.

Young lady with a hair bun sleeping on white sheets and white pillow.
The tension from the pony tail holder and pulling can damage your hair.

The tension from the ponytail holder and pulling can cause damage to your hair creating permanent hair loss and cause headaches in your sleep. For my long hair Lovelies, create a very soft braid or 2 strand twist. Close the end of the braid with a small scrunchies. The braid and twist will also create a beautiful beach wave style the next morning. This will also eliminate frizz and prevent from having to use any curling irons to style. Don't forget your bonnet.

Hair Resolution #2

We all come with reasons of why we don't wear a scarf or bonnet to cover our hair at night. Let's stop making our reasons become a justifiable excuse for why it's okay to make our shortcomings acceptable. Have a resolution of less excuses and more determination. Let's be determined to wear a satin bonnet or scarf to cover our hair at night like we’re supposed to. To do so, we are protecting and keeping our hair safe from pulling, snags, frizz, dryness, preventing damage to our hair and scalp. Having a satin pillowcase is okay, however, a satin bonnet or scarf is more reliable and much safer to the hair and scalp.

Black girl raising her arms while smiling wearing a multi colored hair bonnet and a white robe.
Wearing a hair bonnet will protect your hair.

This applies to men as well. Men with hair or not should wear a satin durag or dome cap. People believe they do not have to have a night wrap because they have bald heads. However, remember you still have a scalp that you need to protect at night. Not having a night wrap on your head can actually cause dryness and chafing. This can lead to skin discoloration and poor scalp conditions.

Hair Resolution #3

Bottle of MG Studio Chia Seed Oil and Refulgance Shining spray displayed on tables in front of a stem pampas grass in the background
MG Studio uses avocado oil in our products.

Avocado is a great source of nutrients for the hair and scalp. Avocado oil is filled with biotin, potassium and magnesium. It will help grow your hair, seal your hair cuticles, and help prevent damage to the hair. MG Studio uses avocado oil in a couple of our products. Having avocado oil as an external usage serves an excellent source, now just add avocados to your eating habits. Avocado toast every morning, or slices of avocado with a little black pepper as a snack is an excellent start to having a healthy hair and body lifestyle.

Hair Resolution #4

Brushing your hair daily for 1-2 minutes consistently is a hair resolution every person needs. Brushing your hair will stimulate the blood circulation to your scalp, creating hair growth. Bamboo brushes is the #1 best leading brushes to have for your hair. It stimulates and massages your scalp; helping to detangle your hair.

Woman brushing her hair with a bamboo brush.
Brushing your hair will stimulate the blood circulation to your scalp.

There are 3 facts about using a bamboo brush.

  • Fact #1: Bamboo brushes has a neutral to negative charge, which means bamboo brushes does not cause static, having you smooth and fly away free.

  • Fact #2: Bamboo brushes are antibacterial and anti-fungal, making the hair and scalp healthier than ever.

  • Fact #3: Bamboo brushes are the best eco-friendly hair tools to have. Not only will you keep your hair clean and healthy, but you are doing the same thing to our earth! Bamboo is excellent for the hair in so many ways. It is also an excellent source of silica nutrition. Bamboo will help grow your hair to be very healthy and long.

Hair Resolution #5

African American woman looking into the camera at a boxing gym.
Yes, you do have to wash your hair after each of your work outs.

Exercise, Exercise, Exercise.....Yes Lovely let's get ready to work it all out! One of the most leading questions I receive as a cosmetologist from those working out..."Do I have to wash my hair every time when I workout?" I am here to tell you, the answer is yes! However, you do not need to scrub a dub your hair, unless your hair is due for a shampoo cleanse, you only need to apply a few drops of shampoo when trying to remove sweat from your hair and scalp. Glide the shampoo through your hair one good time. Rinse well. Apply conditioner. Your conditioner doesn't need to sit. Rinse well. Use MG Studio Leave In Conditioner, blow dry and style. MG Studio Clearwaters shampoo, and Goat Milk shampoo and conditioner are the perfect hair products that will help remove that good olé workout sweat without interrupting the balance of your natural oils.

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