8oz Akaí Whyté Brightening Shampoo

8oz Akaí Whyté Brightening Shampoo


Made with the main ingredient of açaí berries, this brightening shampoo will naturally remove unwanted yellow tones from silver, gray or blonde hair without using any unnatural violet dyes or hydrogen peroxide. Feeding your hair, the correct nutrients that balances the hydration, rejuvenating strength, and help protecting your hair from hair loss.




  • Aloe Vera - Promotes hair growth, reduce itchy dry scalp and dandruff, leaves hair smooth and shiny


  • Acai - Reduces hair loss. Rich with omega 3,6,9 and vitamins E, C and B


  • Goat Milk - help with dry scalp and dandruff. Leaves hair soft and manageable
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