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How You Can Provide the Best Summer Hair Care to Your Clients This Summer Season

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Summer is upon us and we all know that people have big plans for outdoors during this season. From hiking along the mountains to cycling aside a road, from visiting the amusements parks to going on picnic with families and friends, and from swimming in the pools to experiencing great water activities at the beach, summer is the time that everyone awaits to enjoy the delightful rays of sun.

Young lady smiling and pulling her curly hair.

Although, summers are great, the salons during this season are filled with clients opting for hair care regimes for all the damage that the sun caused to their tresses. Due to going out excessively, the hair and skin gets damaged to a great extent during summer. Here a few factors that work as a bane for hair in summer:

· Exposure to Sun

Due to direct exposure to the sun, the shaft of hair becomes weak and dry, this makes the hair look extremely frizzy.

· UV Rays

UV rays of the sun impacts hair deeply and leaves it rough, damaged and dry.

· Beach Water/Ocean Water

The water in the ocean contains a high amount of salt that leaves the hair dehydrated.

· Swimming Pools

Indulging in water activities or swimming at pools expose the hair to damage caused by chlorine. Now chlorine rips away the natural oils of one’s scalp leaving it dry and frizzy.

Hair Treatments During Summer

It is significant to have a list of hair treatments ready before summer, so your clients can get the best remedy available. From hair trims, hair spas and hair treatments, everything must be on your list.

Every hair type is different, and the damage that the sun does to hair in summer is huge, hence, to cope with it, it is important to provide a hair treatment that is best suitable for your client. To maintain healthy hair for your clients, it is essential that you use the finest products for them.

If you’re wondering about what hair treatments to provide and which products to use, you’re at the right place. Read on to find out how you can give your clients amazing results with your hair care regimen.

· A Trim Works Wonders

Stylist trimming the ends of a client with red straight hair

When the hair is exposed to a lot of sun and chlorine, the damage is colossal. Hair strands begin to dry out and split ends occur.

To deal with such damage is a task and the best way out is to give your client a trim. There are various types of hair trims, therefore, you can go with an option that your client is comfortable with. If trimming is not a choice for your client, you can opt for dusting, which means only the ends that are damaged will be snipped. You can also suggest your client a cool haircut for the summer that will make their hair style stand out.

For men, it is essential to shave or trim beards during or before summer because the sun damages the beard causing an itchy sensation.

· Hair Spa to the Rescue

We all know that the best way to repair damaged hair is to cater an amazing hair spa treatment. Not only does a hair spa helps in healing the damage, but it also makes your client feel relaxed. Clients often choose hair spa because of the dainty massage that comes along with it.

Wouldn’t it be great for your clients hair if you provided spa treatment with a shampoo that consists of natural healing properties and relaxes the scalp and hair? MG Studio products are naturally formulated to give a stress free nourish and maintain the beauty of your natural hair.

You can purchase the Scalp Therapy Shampoo by MG Studio from the following link:

· Moisturising Hair Mask for the Scalp and Dry Ends

Going out in the scorching heat during summer dries out the hair excessively. It is highly recommended to offer a hair mask therapy to your clients after the severe sun damage. Using products that will keep the tresses hydrated and moisturised will work miracles for your clients hair.

A hair mask enriched with nutrients for the hair along with a deep conditioning leave-in conditioner is the best choice to repair the damage done on the tresses of your client. You can use the Leave In Conditioner by MG Studio which locks in moisture, nourishes and replenishes the scalp.

Client sitting down in salon while stylist is wrapping a pony tail with mousse.

· Protect The Hair

Summers are harsh on the hair with increased heat, salt and the damaging UV rays. Suggest to your client a few products that will help protect their tresses in the sun. Going for a hair pomade filled with nourishing ingredients like flax seed oil and cranberry seed oil is the best option to rejuvenate and soothe the scalp during summers. The Hair Pomade Hairdressing Treatment and Raw Honey Pomade by MG Studio are a boon for the tresses. Be it for styling or protecting the natural hair, these pomades work best, therefore, you must consider treating your clients hair with these MG studio products.

Choosing the Best Hair Care Products

Summer is that time of the year when your salon is swarming with clients who want nothing but the best for their hair. The extreme damage caused by the sun leaves the hair looking dull, dead and frizzy. To cater to the needs of your clients, it is vital you use the best hair care regimen to give them the perfect result. It is highly recommended to go for products that are naturally formulated so that the tresses of your client are not deprived of natural oils.

Picking the finest hair care products is the first step in providing excellent hair treatments, therefore, opting for the MG Studio products that are naturally formulated and promise to nourish and rejuvenate the hair is the best choice for your salon.

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